Commercial Truck Parking & Storage Services

Why Choose our Commercial Truck Parking & Storage?

At Causeway Parking, we take pride in providing top-tier storage solutions for commercial trucks. We understand the immense value of your commercial trucks, representing the backbone of your business operations. Whether it’s the off-season for your trucks or you need a secure space for your fleet, our premier storage facility ensures the utmost protection and preservation, allowing you to hit the road with confidence whenever the time is right.

Dedicated Parking Spaces

24/7 Security Surveillance

Affordable Pricing

5 Star Customer Service

24/7 Access To Parking

Fenced Facilites

Flexible Payment Options

Close to Major Highways

Our Commercial Truck Parking & Storage Unit

Open lots

Daily Parking

$25.00 Per 24 Hours

Our open lots provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for parking your commercial trucks. These spacious outdoor areas offer ample room to park single trucks or entire fleets. While open lots are ideal for short-term parking, they still maintain the highest level of security with 24/7 surveillance and on-site personnel. This option is perfect for trucking companies needing quick and easy access to their vehicles.

Tips for Your Long-term Storage

  • Clean and Detail

    Before parking your trucks for an extended period, give them a thorough cleaning both inside and out. Remove any debris, dirt, or contaminants that could cause damage over time. Conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify any existing issues that need attention before storage.

  • Disconnect the Battery

    If your trucks will be parked for an extended period, disconnect the batteries or use a trickle charger to maintain their charge. This will prevent battery drain and ensure they are ready for use when you retrieve your vehicles.

  • Protective Covering

    For added protection, consider using a breathable cover to shield your trucks from dust and environmental elements. Ensure the cover is clean and dry before application.

  • Tire Care

    Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure and consider using tire cradles or blocks to prevent flat spots from forming during storage. Regularly inspect the tires for any signs of wear or damage.

  • Fluid Maintenance

    Top up all fluid levels, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, to prevent corrosion and maintain engine health. Clean and replace the engine oil and filters as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Commercial Truck Parking Near You

At Causeway Parking, We value the significance of accessible commercial truck parking and storage solutions. Our strategically located facility offers easy access to top-tier storage options right in your area. Whether you’re a frequent traveler in need of short-term parking or a commercial truck owner seeking secure long-term storage, our facility is the perfect choice for you.

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5401 Causeway Blvd, Tampa, FL 33619


Simple & easy parking for all kinds of utility vehicles or semi-trucks.


Excellent choice for parking. 


Parked my cars and semi-trucks for overnight parking. 




FAQs About Commercial Parking Services
Is there a minimum or maximum storage duration for my commercial trucks?

We offer flexible storage options with no minimum or maximum storage duration requirements. Whether you need short-term parking or long-term storage, we can accommodate your specific needs.

Are there any restrictions on the size or type of commercial trucks you can accommodate?

We can accommodate a wide range of commercial truck sizes and types. Whether you have a single truck or a large fleet, we have the space and resources to meet your needs.

Can I store hazardous materials or dangerous goods in your facilities?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate the storage of hazardous materials or dangerous goods due to safety and regulatory considerations.


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