Semi Truck Parking Services in Mango, FL


Richard D
Richard D
Great semi truck trailer parking in Tampa with guarded fence and cameras.
Pavel Adamsky
Pavel Adamsky
Great parking.
Виталий Шиповалов
Виталий Шиповалов
great parking! old info on google maps! there is asphalt! very good attitude to your technique and you! I give 5/5 stars! I recommend to everyone!
Timothy Hudson
Timothy Hudson
Great parking! Secure and monitored. I stooped for overnight, dropped a running reefer while visiting family. Payed with an app. Good customer service, very friendly.
Niko J
Niko J
Safest parking in Tampa. I always park here for my home time. The owner and his son are very nice and accommodating. The service is fantastic, they really do treat you like family. They are often seen patrolling the lot and they have cameras. It’s a bit expensive at $40/night but it’s absolutely worth it. Can’t put too high of a price on safety and security.
David Gibson
David Gibson
A little expensive but I'm guessing that's just the market rates for the area. Owner came out in 5 minutes to help. Couldn't ask for better service

Best Semi Truck Parking in Mango

Dedicated Parking Spaces

24/7 Security Surveillance

Affordable Pricing

5 Star Customer Service

24/7 Access To Parking

Fenced Facilites

Flexible Payment Options

Close to Major Highways

Our Semi Truck Parking Pricing

Open lots

Daily Parking

$25.00 Per 24 Hours

Our spacious open lots provide a cost-effective and convenient option for semi-truck parking. Ideal for trucks that do not require full coverage, these lots offer easy access and ample space to accommodate various truck sizes. Rest assured, your vehicle will be protected within our secured premises, while still allowing for hassle-free entry and exit.

Tips for Your Semi Truck Long-term Parking

  • Clean and Detail

    Before parking your truck, give it a thorough cleaning both inside and out. Removing dirt, grime, and any food particles helps prevent rust, mold, and pest infestations. A detailed cleaning also makes it easier to spot any potential issues that need addressing before they become serious problems.

  • Disconnect the Battery

    To avoid battery drain during long-term parking, disconnect the battery. This prevents the truck’s electrical systems from slowly depleting the battery charge. Make sure to store the disconnected battery in a cool, dry place if possible.

  • Use a Semi Truck Cover

    Investing in a high-quality semi truck cover can protect your vehicle from the elements. A good cover shields the truck from dust, rain, sun, and bird droppings, helping to maintain its exterior condition and prevent paint damage.

  • Tire Care

    Proper tire maintenance is crucial when parking your semi truck for an extended period. Inflate the tires to the manufacturer's recommended pressure to prevent flat spots. If possible, move the truck periodically to avoid tire deformation. Alternatively, consider using tire cradles to distribute the weight more evenly.

  • Fluid Maintenance

    Check and top off all essential fluids, including oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Changing the oil and filter before long-term storage can also prevent contaminants from settling in the engine. Consider adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank to prevent the fuel from breaking down and causing engine issues when you start the truck again.

Semi Truck Parking Near You

Finding convenient and secure semi truck parking near you can be a challenge, but our facility offers an ideal solution. Strategically located close to major highways and transportation hubs, we ensure you have easy access to your truck whenever needed.

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Frequently Ask Questions
How secure is your parking facility?

Our parking facility is highly secure, featuring gated entry, 24/7 surveillance cameras, and on-site personnel to monitor the premises. We prioritize the safety of your vehicle, ensuring that it is protected at all times.

Do you offer long-term parking options?

Yes, we offer flexible long-term parking options to meet your needs. Whether you need to park your semi truck for a few weeks or several months, we have affordable plans that can accommodate your requirements.


Are there any size restrictions for trucks?

Our facility is designed to accommodate all sizes of semi trucks. We have ample space and specially designed spots to fit trucks of various dimensions, ensuring that you can park your vehicle comfortably and securely.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information. We are always here to help, fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you as son as possible.